Call to Action: Defeat All Six Constitutional Amendments

Our Unitarian Universalist faith and values call us to affirm and promote the democratic process in society at large, the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and justice, equality, and compassion in human affairs.

Those values are threatened by most, if not all, of the proposed amendments to the North Carolina Constitution that voters will be asked to approved or disapprove in this fall’s election.

That’s why the UU Justice Ministry of North Carolina is urging you to take action now to defeat all six constitutional amendments.

Here are just a few of the reasons that North Carolina voters should “just vote no”and “nix all six”amendments:

  1. All six amendments are at best a diversion(and at worst a direct obstacle) to the real issues that our state faces (education, health care, and more) and the most important concerns of North Carolina voters.
  2. Although some of the amendments may sound good, there’s “more than meets the eye” and passing them is like giving the legislature a “blank check”to fill in the all-important important details with respect to these important issues.
  3. The absence of titles or numbers for these amendments on the ballot makes it hard for voters to understand and know whether to vote for or against them.
  4. Four of the proposed amendments were passed by the General Assembly’s Republican super majority along essentially party line votes over the opposition of the Democratic minority in what many people see as an attempt to increase their political power, limit voting rights, and increase Republican turn-out in the 2018 fall elections.
  5. The “Judicial Appointments” and “Ethics and Elections” amendments would give the legislature unprecedented control over our elections and courts; would let legislators handpick judges who would rubber stamp their agenda; and are opposed by all five living NC Governors and all six living NC Supreme Court Chief Justices (Republicans as well as Democrats).
  6. The “Voter ID” amendment would allow state legislators to disenfranchise thousands of senior citizens, young people, poor people, people with disabilities, and people of color who may find it difficult or impossible to obtain a government-approved photo ID.
  7. The “Income Tax Cap” amendment would shift more of the tax burden from wealthy individuals to middle class and working class taxpayers and the poor in another financial recession.
  8. The “Victims Rights” and “Right to Hunt and Fish” amendments are unnecessary. Existing state laws already protect the rights of victims of crimes and people who hunt and fish.

Here’s what YOU can do:

  • Share this informationwith your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and members of your congregation via word of mouth, social media, etc.
  • Put up a “Just Vote No” or “Nix All Six” campaign signin your yard, in your neighborhood, in public places, and at polling sites (Protect Our NC Constitutionis one of the groups distributing signs in the Triangle area of NC).
  • Attend one of Democracy NC‘s “Protect Our Constitution” gatherings (and encourage others to attend).
  • Write a letter to the editorof your local newspaper urging voters to defeat all six amendments.
  • Join with others in your congregation or in your hometown to campaign against the proposed amendments, canvass voters to provide them with information about the amendments and distribute information about the amendments during the early voting period and on election day(see voter information resources below).
  • Participate in “get out the vote”activities in your community.
  • Cast your vote against all six amendments.

And here are some resources you can use:

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