Category: Reproductive Justice

Sustain Gov. Cooper’s Veto of S 359

On its face, S 359 “simply” provides that if a fetus is “born alive” during an abortion procedure, health care providers are required to provide appropriate medical treatment. But the devil is in the details and between the lines.

The bill (which is similar to … read more.

NC Abortion Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Federal district court judge William Osteen has ruled that North Carolina’s law banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy is unconstitutional. Judge Osteen’s ruling is a victory for Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union, and advocates for reproductive … read more.

Poor Peoples Campaign: NC Events April 2018

April 2018 Events in North Carolina

This year the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is taking up the unfinished work of the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign to build a movement led by the poor and dispossessed to end systemic racism, poverty, the … read more.