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Post-election vigil and gathering

It’s been a long and demanding road to the Nov. 3rd election. Feeling the need to re-center and gather with fellow UUs? Let’s gather with others who are feeling the same way on Nov. 5th for a post-election vigil and gathering.


Two “Nanas” & Sunday Voting

This is the story of “two Nanas” from the Piedmont UU Church in Charlotte who helped win the battle for early Sunday voting.

Passion, Looming Deadlines, Good Friends, A Just Cause, Persistence, Truth to Power, Knowledge, and Personal Contact in the Time … read more.

Civics of Justice

Racial injustice, police brutality, and the loss of Black lives.

Now more than ever, North Carolinians and others are considering how, when, and whether to vote in 2020. It’s time we encourage awareness and address connections between the most important justice issues of our time and what’s on our ballot.

… read more.

Gather the Spirit, Sept. 23rd @ 7:30 pm

In January we launched UU the Vote as an unprecedented call to collaboration and mobilization for the 2020 election. In May, we pivoted our work to meet the challenges of COVID-19 at our “How We Thrive” event that opened with a beautiful virtual choir.

Now, let … read more.

Vote By Mail!!! Act Now! Don’t Wait!

You Can Vote urges all North Carolina voters to request an absentee ballot NOW so they can vote by mail in the November, 2020 general election if they have concerns that voting in person may put them at risk in a second or continued wave … read more.

UU the Vote Update

Over 1,100 UUs from all across the US joined UU the Vote’s “How We Thrive Event” on May 12th and over 400 of them signed a petition calling on Congress to protect democracy during the COVID-19 emergency by ensuring that no one has to choose … read more.