March Against Gun Violence in Washington, DC


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We’ve had enough. Thoughts and prayers are not enough to honor the victims of gun violence. What we need now is action.

On March 24, 2018, students will rally in Washington D.C and in local communities across the country to demand action from our leaders. Join us in the March For Our Lives, as we fight for an America that is free from gun violence. (If you can’t come to Washington, DC on March 24, please organize or come to a march in your local community.)


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    1. Click the “More Info” link to let the organizers know that you’re planning on coming to DC. There are several groups that are chartering buses from Durham, Charlotte, and other locations. You might check with UU Justice Ministry of California to see if other UUs from California are going to DC or participate in one of the local marches. You can also check with UUA Side with Love to see if there will be an organized UU presence in DC.

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