FLOC Boycott of RJ Reynolds

The Triangle Friends of Farmworkers (TFF) is urging individual Unitarian Universalists and UU congregations in North Carolina to support the Farmworkers Labor Organizing Committee’s (FLOC) boycott of RJ Reynolds new VUSE e-cigarette.

The ultimate objective of the FLOC boycott is to persuade RJR to find a solution to farmworker exploitation that recognizes farmworkers, and their organization FLOC, as having legitimate rights and responsibilities in determining better living and working conditions in the tobacco fields, and protects farmworkers from retaliation if they exercise their rights, believing that corporate commodity processors, like RJR, must share this responsibility since they have ultimate power over their grower-suppliers, and thus over the farmworkers at the bottom of the supply chain.

The boycott allies are asking religious organizations and others for their endorsement and support, including their support with respect to local campaigns to pressure key target convenience stores like Circle-Ks or Kangaroos) to take VUSE off their shelves) with monthly rallies outside a particular convenience store in cities across North Carolina and delivering a letter to convenience store managers urging their corporate headquarters to remove VUSE from their shelves.

There are plans to target Circle-K or Kangaroo stores in Durham, Raleigh, Goldsboro, Charlotte, and likely in Chapel Hill and Greensboro between April 8 and April 18 (to memorialize the murder of FLOC organizer Santiago Cruz in FLOC’s then new office in Monterrey, Mexico in April, 2007).

Please email Dave Austin for more information.

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