Global Climate Strike (September 20)

Are you ready to demand a just and sustainable world? A right to a future for our youth and young adults? Sign up here for the Sept. 20th Global Climate Strike and Week of Action by locating an event near you and you will be in touch with local organizers. This information will also be shared with the UUA so that we can mobilize UUs as powerfully as possible.

The UUA, Side With Love, and UU Ministry for Earth have joined as partners with the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20th and we’re inviting you to #StrikeWithUs.

On September 20, three days before the UN Climate Summit in NYC, young people and adults will strike all across the US and the world to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. We know governments won’t deliver climate action and justice on their own, so we’re going on #climatestrike to show them what people power is capable of creating. The strikes are just the beginning of an escalated movement where millions will take to the streets to demand action now, especially for those most impacted by climate change who have done the least to cause it. Climate breakdown isn’t inevitable. We know the solutions we need including a just transition away from the exploitative fossil fuel economy. We’re inviting you to join other UUs and faith groups and millions more — we have the power to make them happen.

Here’s what’s already happening among UUs:

  • Delegates at our recent General Assembly in June affirmed an Action of Immediate Witness to Build a Green New Deal and began organizing right at GA for the Global Climate Strikes.
  • UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray will be marching with UUs and thousands of others in New York City, and there will be powerful events all over the US and the world. UUs and friends are already registering here.
  • Side with Love is hosting a UUs & the Global Climate Strike Webinar – September 5th at 4pm EST/1pm PSTRegister now. We will have updates for you, great speakers and plenty of time to answer your questions.
  • This webinar follows the CNN Climate Town Hall with ten presidential candidates being broadcast on Sept. 4th thanks in large part to the organizing by Sunrise Movement, a partner in the Climate Strikes.
  • A group of UU ministers led by Rev. Peggy Clarke, Senior Minister at The Community Church of New York Unitarian Unviersalist, have put together an excellent packet of worship materials for Worship Services on or before September 15 on the Global Climate Strikes as well as an informational flyer on the Strikes and the many ways we can participate.
  • UU Conference – Advancing Economic and Climate Justice as a Moral Issue: Building a Movement for a Green New Deal – Sept 15-17 in Washington, DC. Come for the first day at All Souls Unitarian Church to hear from some amazing speakers from our most impacted communities and learn about actions we can take – or stay for the next day or two to get trained in advocacy and visit congressional representatives. Learn more and register now.

Join us! You can sign up for a strike in your area or get coached on how to start one.

We know that each of the guiding principles of our faith and our campaigns for justice are unattainable in the face of widespread climate injustice and chaos. The current US government centers the rights of corporations over people, other species and Earth. It sanctions state violence to protect the fossil fuel industry gains and it criminalizes water protectors, climate protesters, and indigenous peoples. It persecutes climate refugees through cruel, harsh immigration policies. It perpetuates environmental racism. We are called to engage this at every level possible. We can bring our vision, our resources and our selves into relationship with communities most impacted who are leading the way into sustainable and equitable futures.

Please join us for this crucial event on Sept. 20th. It is just the beginning of a new climate movement built on the foundation of decades of climate justice work and activism. Organizers are actively planning strategies for now through November 2020 and beyond. UUs have always been there. We are still needed now, more than ever.

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