One of the ways that Unitarian Universalists “give life the shape of justice” is by contacting, calling, talking with, writing, and emailing state and federal lawmakers and government officials either directly (person to person) or indirectly (through petitions, letters to the editor, etc.) about important political, social, environmental, and economic issues.

That’s why UU Forward Together’s mission and work includes building the capacity of UU congregations and individual UUs to engage in legislative and political advocacy through grassroots and direct lobbying and mobilizing, organizing, and coordinating the voices, presence, influence, and power of Unitarian Universalists and their justice partners to impact pending legislation and public policies through lobbying and advocacy with the NC General Assembly, the US Congress, and federal, state, and local government officials.

To do this, UU Forward Together

Note: As a section 501c3 organization, UU Forward Together is prohibited from engaging in political campaigns or partisan activities and endorsing or opposing particular candidates or political parties. But state and federal law do not prohibit UU Forward Together from engaging in issue advocacy or grassroots or direct lobbying as long as it complies with applicable state laws regarding lobbying and devotes less than 20% of its total expenditures for lobbying activities.