What Are Justice Action Teams?

Justice Action Teams are grassroots, volunteer-led, and volunteer-directed state-wide or regional teams of North Carolina Unitarian Universalists that do the important (and rewarding) work of “giving life the shape of justice” by engaging in mobilization, coordination, organizing, education, witness, advocacy, and direct action with respect to a specific justice issue (for example, environmental justice, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, health care, voting rights, etc.).

Justice Action Teams are the place where the “rubber meets the road.” They are the way that we “walk the walk as well as talking the talk.” They are the way that we show up, speak out, stand on the side of love, and bend the arc of the universe toward justice.

UUJMNC hopes to organize and support at least three statewide Justice Action Teams during the coming year.

Each UUJMNC Justice Action Teams will

  • consist of a team leader (or two co-leaders) and at least seven active, committed, and passionate team members who are affiliated with at least three UU congregations;
  • act under the authority of and be accountable to UUJMNC;
  • receive support and assistance from UUJMNC;
  • meet regularly via teleconference and communicate regularly via email;
  • develop and implement an annual justice action plan that includes goals, strategies, and activities (including education, training, witness, advocacy, direct action, publicity, communications, congregational involvement, and relationships with other social justice organizations); and
  • submit an annual report of its activities to UUJMNC.

Please contact UUJMNC if you have questions, need more information, or are interested in organizing, leading, or being a member of a UUJMNC Justice Action Team.