UUJMNC Congregational Liaisons are designated members of UU congregations who serve as the primary points of contact and conduits for two-way communication and information sharing between UUJMNC and UU congregations in North Carolina.

UUJMNC asks that each UU congregation designate at least one member of the congregation (and preferably two members of the congregation) to serve as the congregation’s UUJMNC liaison(s), to provide UUJMNC with the contact information (name, phone, and email) for its UUJMNC liaison(s), and to let UUJMNC know when the congregation’s liaison(s) are no longer able or willing to serve or a new liaison(s) is designated.

UUJMNC asks that congregational liaisons

  • stay informed about UUJMNC by reading UUJMNC’s monthly Forward Together newsletter and Action Alerts, checking posts and events on UUJMNC’s website (uuforwardtogether.org) and Facebook page at least once a week;
  • regularly share information about UUJMNC and UUJMNC activities and events, as appropriate, with the congregation’s minister(s), lay leaders, social justice team, and congregational members via the congregation’s newsletter, social media, information table, etc.
  • encourage congregational members to connect with, get involved with, and support UUJMNC;
  • assist in planning, organizing, and hosting UUJMNC visits or other programs and events at the congregation;
  • advocate for the congregation’s becoming a UUJMNC Congregational Justice Partner;
  • keep UUJMNC informed with respect to the congregation’s social justice activities;
  • help UUJMNC and the congregation create and maintain a strong, healthy, and effective working relationship; and
  • be the face, ears, eyes, and voice of UUJMNC within the congregation.

If your congregation doesn’t have a UUJMNC congregational liaison (or the congregation needs a second or third UUJMNC liaison) and you’re willing to be a liaison, please email us.