Grounded in our Unitarian Universalist faith, heritage, and values, we believe that

  • our liberal religious faith calls us, both collectively and individually, to “give life the shape of justice.”
  • our work for social justice must be theologically and spiritually grounded in and sustained by our liberal religious faith
  • we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for and that now is the time to speak out, reach out, and answer the call of love by standing in solidarity with those who are marginalized, forgotten, despised, and oppressed.
  • our work for social justice must address the issues of white privilege, white supremacy, and institutional and personal racism.
  • our work for social justice must be intentionally intersectional, focusing on the overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, and discrimination.
  • working for social justice we should engage in reflective practice, reflecting, intentionally and critically, on the values that inform or should inform our action, examining our work reflectively and reflexively, and incorporating into our action the understandings and insights from the practice of reflection.
  • because the work of creating beloved community must be done together and in community, not alone or in isolation, we are called to seek out interfaith and cross cultural relationships and work in partnership with others who seek to create the common good.