Goal 1. Significantly Enhance UUJMNC’s Organizational Structure and Capacity (Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2018)

  • Restructure UUJMNC as an independent section 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, adopt bylaws, open bank account, obtain EIN, register assumed name, comply with applicable laws regarding lobbying, charitable solicitation, tax, etc.
  • Recruit a six- to eight-member board of directors who will provide overall direction for UUJMNC’s work, establish operating policies and procedures, meet regularly via conference video, and work with UUJMNC’s president and executive director to cultivate sustained giving by congregations and individuals and establish good working relationships with congregations and social justice organizations in NC.
  • Hire a half-time interim executive director.
  • Obtain necessary software, equipment, and services (phone, laptop, projector, accounting software, web hosting, internet, etc.).
  • Recruit, train, and support volunteer staff, congregational liaisons, and members of at least three to five “justice action teams.”

Goal 2. Create a Reliable, Sustainable, and Sufficient Funding Stream for UUJMNC (Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2019)

  • Use CUUSAN’s Salsa software to ask each of the 300 individuals on UUJMNC’s mailing list (and others who subsequently are added to the mailing list or participate in UUJMNC activities) to make an annual contribution of at least $25 to raise at least $2,500 in donations by 100 individuals in 2018 and $5,000 in donations from at least 200 donors in 2019.
  • Use the Benevon model for cultivating sustained and generous giving to ask at least six congregations in 2018 (and at least ten more congregations in 2019) to identify three to twelve members who may have the potential to become sustaining donors (giving $120, $300, or $600 per year for at least three years), visit those congregations, make presentations to those potential donors, establish personal relationships with them, and ask them to becoming sustaining donors with the goal of receiving $4800 to $6000 in donations from 35 donors in 2018, $10,000 to $12,500 in donations from 75 donors in 2019, and at least $16,000 per year for sustaining donors thereafter.
  • Ask each of North Carolina’s 26 UU congregations to become congregational partners with UUJMNC by (among other things) making an annual donation (through their congregational budget, a special “share the plate” collection, or other fundraising) to UUJMNC in an amount that is at least 0.25% of their annual congregational budget in order to raise approximately $6,000 to $8,000 in contributions from at least 10 congregations in 2018, and $10,000 to $14,000 in donations from at least 18 congregations in 2019 and thereafter.
  • Receive operating revenue of at least $30,000 to $40,000 per year by 2020 to obviate the need for ongoing grant funding from UUA or other sources (other than grants for special projects).

Goal 3. Establish Good Working Relationships with UU Congregations and Other Social Justice Organizations in NC (Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2019)

  • Recruit congregational liaisons for at least 20 of North Carolina’s 26 congregations.
  • Meet or speak personally (individual UUJMNC board members, president, or director) with the presidents, social justice chairs, and ministers of at least 20 of North Carolina’s 26 UU congregations to discuss UUJMNC’s work, how congregations can support the work of UUJMNC, and how UUJMNC can support the social justice work of congregations; provide information and resources to ministers and congregational leaders on a regular basis.
  • Create and implement a “congregational partnership” program for congregations that includes financial support for UUJMNC (at least 0.25% of congregation’s annual budget) and participation in UUJMNC programs and activities.
  • Make personal contact (individual UUKMNC board members, president, or director) with at least two dozen NC faith-based and secular social justice organizations to discuss how UUJMNC can share information and work with them on social justice issues and events.

Goal 4. Empower and Support UU Congregations and Their Members in the Work of “Giving Life the Shape of Justice. (Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2019)

  • Create at least three to five statewide “justice action teams” of volunteers from UU congregations to work on at least three to five specific social justice issues (for example, voting rights, immigration, environmental justice, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, health care, poverty, etc.).
  • Plan and organize workshops, conferences, events, and other programs and activities that will empower congregations and individuals in the work of “giving life the shape of justice” (for example, annual UUJMNC social justice conference, annual “Justice on Jones Street” advocacy day at the North Carolina legislature, action alerts distributed to UUJMNC members, webinars, conference calls, and regional/cluster workshops on specific social justice issues, theological and spiritual grounding for social justice work, etc.).
  • Provide social justice resources, information, training, and for congregations.