Help in the Wake of Hurricane Florence

We offer this space as a resource for those seeking help with recovery from Hurricane Florence, and for those who are willing to offer volunteer time, donations of supplies, or donations of money.

If you have a need, or know of a need, please post details in the Comments section below.  Please title your comment “Help needed,” and please specify:

  1. What kind of help is needed
  2. Where help is needed
  3. When help is needed
  4. Contact information for someone who can coordinate helpers or donations, answer questions, or give more information.

If you are willing to offer help, please post details in the Comments section below.  Please title your comment “Willing to Help,”and please specify:

  1. What kind of help you can offer (Time?Skilled or unskilled labor? Money?  Transportation?  Donations of supplies? Other)
  2. Contact information.

This thread is an open forum for creating connections. Posts will not be screened by UUJMNC and we encourage all participants to exercise care and caution in posting and in responding to posts.  UUJMNC does not guarantee the legitimacy of either requests for or offers of help.

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7 Responses to “Help in the Wake of Hurricane Florence

  1. We have a Greenville, NC, UU who, with her daughter,
    had moved in with her sister in New Bern last year. They are gutting their
    house, tearing up floors and wallboard, and such.

    The second-hand clothes closets in New Bern have been flooded, so they have
    some clothing needs. Today, we are trying to find clothes and shoes for
    sizes listed, children and adults. Our plan is to drive to their place in
    New Bern tomorrow with tools, shovel, wheel-barrow, etc. and lend a hand.
    Here’s Nina’s contact info:

    Najwa Nina Power 252-801-8847

    If anyone lives nearby, they could use some help carrying furniture,
    tearing up the floors, and cleaning.

  2. From Rev. Sadie Lansdale (UU Church of Greensboro): “In the wake of Hurricane Florence, the Durham Solidarity Center, Southern Vision Alliance, Blueprint NC, Environmental Justice Network, Black Workers for Justice, Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), NC Climate Justice Collective, Downhome NC, among other grassroots groups, have partnered to organize distribution centers to bring relief supplies and repair crews to parts of Eastern NC. We are committed to the self-determination of communities most impacted by the devastation of this natural disaster and those directly impacted by the ongoing struggle against environmental racism in the region. ”

    List of supplies and drop-off locations, as well as opportunities to assist on repair crews.

  3. Unitarian Coastal Fellowship (Morehead City) has very minor damage to our building. Significant damage in the county, but no injuries or deaths that we are aware of. An amazing round-robin email within the congregation is keeping members and friends informed about each other’s situations and needs. People are pulling together with great generosity and compassion. Thanks to all who are reaching out, and all who are willing to make their needs known.

  4. From the UU Congregation of the Outer Banks: At the UUCOB Board meeting last evening, it was decided that the Call for Offering gathered during this Sunday’s Service (on September 23) will be donated to communities affected by the destruction and aftermath of Hurricane Florence. We will be working with our fellow UU congregations in these regions to identify individuals or recovery projects in greatest need. The entire offering collected this Sunday will be donated for this purpose.

  5. From the Eno River UU Fellowship in Durham: Sunday, September 16 we raised over $3,800 for relief for storm victims. ERUUF’s donation will go to the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund, which gives 100% of funds to
    victims. The next day we also received a notice from Democracy North Carolina. You might like to give to this effort that is reaching out to minority communities that are usually overlooked and underserved.

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