Love Resists: Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves

Do you want to join people of faith and conscience from across the U.S. in taking action and practicing reflection? Are you seeking ways to offer grounded solidarity without reproducing oppressive practices? Have you ever gone to an immigration (ICE) check-in or court to support a person at risk of deportation? Is your congregation part of the New Sanctuary Movement, or talking about joining?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, join our e-course, Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves: Anti-Racist Practice for Sanctuary, Accompaniment, and Resistance. This free interactive e-course will meet monthly and support groups in learning, reflecting, and acting for social change. You are welcome to join as an individual, but particularly encouraged to register as a group with a team of people working together on these issues.

Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves starts on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. Start organizing your team now!

The first time this program ran in 2018, we had more than 50 teams and 1,000 registrants. The 2020 program will build on the first and be different enough that it is appropriate both for newcomers and for those that participated before. Topics will include anti-Blackness and immigrant justice, criminalization and the place of immigration detention in the prison industrial complex, and on-the-ground case studies of accompaniment as anti-racist practice. There will also be caucus spaces for white participants and participants of color. The videos and homework assignments from the first program are also available online for self-study.

Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves is a collaboration of the American Friends Service Committee’s Friends Relations office, the UUA and UUSC’s Love Resists campaign, Church World Service, and Freedom for Immigrants, formerly CIVIC.

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