Poor Peoples Campaign Training for Direct Action

The Poor Peoples Campaign is holding training sessions for anyone who is interested in participating in direct action during the upcoming Forty Days of Action (May 14 – June 18 in Raleigh and June 23 in Washington, DC).

At this point in time, training sessions are scheduled for Saturday, April 21 in Asheville and Tuesday, April 24 in Charlotte. Additional training sessions will be held in May in Chapel Hill and eastern North Carolina.

If you’re interested in attending this training, the best way to find out when and where the training sessions will be, to sign up for the training session, and to stay in the loop about the Poor Peoples Campaign is to sign up on the Poor Peoples Campaign website.

Please note that you can attend the training regardless of whether you are considering engaging in civil disobedience or direct action and there are many other ways that you can volunteer to help and support the Forty Days of Action including serving as a marshal, peacekeeper, or member of the jail support team.

Attending the training session does not obligate you to engage in civil disobedience or direct action. However unlike the Moral Monday protests in 2013, you will NOT be allowed to engage in civil disobedience or direct action unless you have attended one of the four-hour training sessions as well as attending a training session on the day of the action and signing the Poor Peoples Campaign covenant.

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