Tell Congress to Protect Elections During the COVID-19 Emergency

It’s clear that the COVID-19 crisis will make this year’s General Election different. That is why Democracy NC is calling on Congress and the NC General Assembly to protect our elections.

But budget shortfalls mean that we in North Carolina, and especially our rural counties, will require more federal dollars.

Experts put the pandemic-related costs of properly running the country’s 2020 elections at $4 billion. So far, Congress has only promised $400 million — with major divides along party lines stalling additional federal funding. No matter your political party, we should all agree: voters should not be forced to choose between their safety and making their voices heard.

Contact your members of Congress today — and tell them to support proposed legislation that would help make sure no American loses their ability to vote in the pandemic.

Encourage them to advance funding that would help states like North Carolina:

  • pay for things like postage for voting by mail,
  • recruit and train poll workers and sustain safe in-person voting, and
  • fund voting options that would make Early Voting and Election Day less crowded.

Tell your U.S. Representatives and Senators to put people above politics. Your actions will bring us one step closer to making sure Congress funds safe elections for all Americans in 2020.

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