Tell Congress to Strengthen Background Checks for Gun Purchases

What Are Background Checks?

Currently, background checks are required by federal law when licensed gun dealers sell firearms. The gun dealer contacts the FBI, which runs a background check on the person trying to buy a gun to ensure guns don’t fall into the wrong hands. The background check makes sure that convicted felons, domestic abusers and other people prohibited from purchasing a gun aren’t sold firearms.

Background checks take place when gun sales occur at licensed gun dealers

Why Do We Need To Update Background Checks?

A deadly loophole in federal background check law enables criminals, domestic abusers, and other people who aren’t allowed to have guns to buy them with no background checks and no questions asked if they simply go to an unlicensed seller, including at a gun show or on the Internet.

Loopholes in the law allow people to buy guns at gun shows and online without a background check

What’s Next?

Everytown for Gun Safety is pulling out all the stops to tell the U.S. House that we must update background checks so people can’t circumvent the process and guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.

H.R. 8, the bill to update background checks, will close deadly loopholes and save lives.

We’re sending emails to Representatives, having one-on-one conversations with lawmakers and calling their offices to make sure they support H.R. 8.

You can help move this legislation forward by sending a message to your U.S. Representative urging them to support and pass this critical bill.

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